SoundRock provides a vital link between tenants and those involved in the development and management of a building in the commercial, retail and industrial sectors.

SoundRock’s Tenant Spec Management (sometimes known as tenant co-ordination) relieves a property’s management and operations teams from the time-consuming task of controlling tenant’s contractors.

Tenant Spec Co-ordination, every skeleton needs to be covered. When you look at empty spaces, there is only the potential that something can live, operate and grow. The fitting out of these spaces puts into play the game. We co-ordinate that process giving structure, form and avoiding chaos. Team dependent, these processes rely upon the co-operation and co-ordination of all its members, their skill and intuition. Then, you are on Stage, ‘Lights, Camera, Action’, fill the space and start to play!
Our goal is to ensure the accurate implementation of the tenant’s needs through good communication and management, allowing tenants to open their stores or businesses in either new or existing centres, on time and within budget, without massive disruptions to other areas.In order to achieve this, SoundRock manages:

  • Tenant briefings
  • Layout and design
  • Costings and budgets
  • Contract appointments
  • Tenant installation and implementation
  • Handling tenant snag lists
  • Tenant handovers
  • Building audits
  • Building exit inspections
  • Property refurbishments and revamps

The use of an experienced Tenant Spec Management service is of enormous benefit to not only the landlord but also to the tenants, ensuring that everyone receives the most benefit out of their arrangement.