Sound advice built on a Rock solid foundation

SoundRock works with clients to create all-inclusive strategies to aid in the development, construction, management, leasing and sales of properties. We specialise in retail, commercial, industrial and residential properties, with services that aim to provide benefit to everyone involved in each of our projects.

From development phase, through to leasing and complete management of a property, we utilise our years of experience to envision the future of your property and implement the steps necessary to make that future a reality.

Mark Berman, Managing Director, and Melissa Berman, Operations Director, ensure that SoundRock provides effective services that clients actually require, without thrusting unnecessary, expensive actions upon them. Every client’s needs are surveyed and carefully analysed before putting an appropriate package together.

Our Vision & Mission

We provide innovative solutions to properties in a very challenging environment. We draw on the experience gained from over 23 years and the knowledge of peers & associates.

The art of innovation is the ability to investigate, assess and implement ideas that Work! Innovation at it’s core means to introduce change: ‘in’ means to enter and ‘novate’ means to change, replace, therefore, each one of us is capable of innovation.

To do what we do, is no easy feat, it has taken sacrifice, dedication, blood, sweat and tears to evolve to this point.

Our experience is Yours!

Our History

From the idea of an Integrated Solution based Property company, SoundRock was born.

With the leasing of buildings and shopping centres, as consultants to joint ventures and partnerships that culminated in the many buildings that stand today is Our Legacy.

We have travelled this country and left behind that stage where life plays . From Bushbuckridge to Cape Town, from Orange Farm to Sandton. We have touched the lives of millions.

The art of what we do is not in the construction or in the building but the ability to breathe life into it!

True empowerment is the ability to improve the lives of those you touch and empower those you meet. From the roof over a family’s head to the shopping centre that services the community and the investor that trusted us to deliver, thank you for allowing us to empower you.

SoundRock Properties opened its doors in 1998 and has over 17 years’ experience in leasing, sales, development and tenant coordination, adding exceptional value to our service. We are relentless in getting the job done and provide the full plethora of services in the property industry. Our expertise adds value that we believe no other company can offer.

SoundRock has quickly grown from the husband and wife team of Mark and Melissa Berman, working in a converted garage at the back of their house, to a complete property management agency.

The company started out after recognising a real need in the property market for a compact, one-stop facility that would handle retail, commercial, industrial and residential properties, leasing and tenant coordination. Today, we provide comprehensive solutions for all of our clients, taking every need into account and creating a solution that benefits everyone involved.