SoundRock offers Development Management for commercial, industrial, retail, and residential properties

Our aim is to work with you to maximise the value from your land and buildings by facilitating developments, rezoning & redevelopments, and expansions and improvements to current properties.

Property Development means assembly of the team, the co-ordination of all its aspects and the implementation. From a concept and a dream, to that which will be occupied and used as an office block, shopping centre, industrial park and home to enhance the lives of others. After assessing your objectives, we will advise you on all aspects of the development process. We’ll then successfully manage your projects from inception to culmination in a fully operating, tenanted investment.

Our Development Management Services include:

  • Analysis of objectives; existing and future
  • Creating the development plan and architectural design
  • Costing estimates for all areas of development
  • Selection, rezoning or subdivision of land in line with development objectives
  • Arrangement and management of construction, suppliers, and tendering if necessary
  • Tenant planning, sourcing and installation
  • Handover
  • Snagging

Once your property development is complete, we can also provide leasing and sales, as well as property & facilities management