SoundRock offers pro-active, streamlined and customized property and facilities management services, becoming the liaison between the landlord and the tenant in the retail, commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

We aim to coordinate and oversee the safe, secure, and effectual day-to-day operations and maintenance of your assets, preserving their long-term value and creating an efficient and beneficial environment for everyone.

Property & Facilities Management, it lives, it is alive, it is dynamic. It has people, service providers, customers, tenants and more aspects to it than a kaleidoscope. You need to nurture this child for if not properly cared for, fed, disciplined, enhanced and protected, it will very soon become a juvenile delinquent. We are the gate keepers, the holders of the future. These buildings are not just brick and mortar, they are the vessels in which life thrives . This responsibility is not often seen but it is ‘How we see it’.

Our Property & Facilities Management Services Include:

  • Collecting and accepting rent on behalf of the landlord
  • Collection of recoveries for utilities
  • Responding to and addressing maintenance issues, and managing maintenance service providers
  • Debt collecting on outstanding rentals (SoundRock is a registered debt collector)
  • Liaising between landlords and tenants

Further to our property and facilities management services, we also provide Tenant Spec Management and Leasing and Sales services should the need arise.