SoundRock offers comprehensive leasing and sales services to the commerical, industrial, retail, and residential property sectors.

Our aim is to work with you to maximise the value from your properties by finding the right tenants and buyers for your requirements.


The Leasing and Sale of those buildings that were once dreamt of that now exist, bringing the potential of life and the spirit of play. There is a right way to do it, sure, it might take a little longer but who wants a placebo when one needs the real thing!

Buildings last a very long time, so do good tenants, properly chosen.

Whether it is leasing during the development phase or a project, or finding the ideal tenant for an existing rental, SoundRock approaches each leasing requirement with the goal of placing the right tenant in the right space.

Our leasing services go beyond simply finding any tenant. A landlord may or may not have a clear idea of the kind of tenant he needs or prefers. The tenant may have only a vague concept of what locations are available. SoundRock will carefully assess the space for rent and find tenants most suited to the long term benefit of everyone involved.

SoundRock’s vetting process endeavours to eliminate any potential for misunderstandings and conflict between landlord and tenant. On the occasion when a problem does arise, SoundRock’s brokers are always available to mediate and defuse the situation.

In the commercial, industrial and retail sectors, we focus on the property, its surroundings, current tenants and the objectives of the landlord, and plan out a tenant mix that will maximise the value for both the owner and the tenants. After sourcing the ideal tenants, we can also facilitate the process of preparing the new tenant for occupation of their new premises – Tenant Spec Management – and offer Property & Facilities Management.

We can also manage the the leasing of tenants and Property & Facilities Management for clients with large residential property portfolios.


If you are looking to subdivide your property of are building a sectional title, SoundRock can facilitate the sales of your land or units.